Honor Wilson Head of Marketing & Communications

Lee Powell, GMI CEO, is full of praise for Senior Project Manager Roy Perry and his team at Carlton Hill after the student accommodation scheme in Leeds achieved full marks on three successive Considerate Constructors visits.

A ground-breaking feat in the industry, Lee paid tribute to the work being undertaken by GMI’s Responsible Business team as well as the site team who are closing in on practical completion of the £40m construction project.

The Considerate Contractors Scheme is a program that promotes ethical and considerate practices within the construction industry. It aims to improve the image of construction sites and enhance relationships between contractors and local communities. Participating contractors voluntarily commit to a code of practice that encompasses various aspects of their operations, including environmental impact, safety measures, and engagement with the public. By Adhering to these guidelines, building contractors demonstrate their dedication to minimising disruption, protecting the environment, and maintaining high standards of safety and professionalism. The Considerate contractors scheme plays a vital role in fostering a more considerate and responsible construction industry with the utmost consideration for people, the environment, and the surrounding communities.

“Carlton Hill is the beacon for this business, and it is unbelievable what we’ve achieved there,” said Lee.

“Achieving a hat-trick of perfect CCS scores is a measure of how the business has changed. Going from a business that didn’t have Responsible Business, to continually achieving 45 out of 45 marks, is just incredible.

“The whole industry will be looking at what we’ve achieved, and they will see the fantastic project that we’re working on there.

“It’s a credit to Roy Perry and his dedicated team – everyone has supported one another, and it is also testament to our Responsible Business team who are making this happen.”

The project is due to be completed in quarter three of this year and forms part of a wider regeneration of the north as the Leeds city skyline is filled with GMI cranes.

Roy Perry, Senior Project Manager, said: “To get a maximum score even once is a big achievement, but to get it three times in a row is unheard of in the industry.

“Credit to the team I work with on their involvement. I’ve got a brilliant team here and they run a great project with me. Ultimately, I’m responsible for the project – it’s not a single person that can achieve anything like this, it’s a whole team effort.”

In the report it states that there have been no incidents in the period and the newly appointed Sustainability Manager has been fully immersed in the promotion of the corporate roadmap to achieving net-zero by 2030.

Additionally, the report complemented GMI on its #MenYouAreNotAlone domestic abuse campaign, which saw a professional visit the Carlton Hill site to give a talk to the workforce. Rolled out during the first week of November 2022, the campaign was company-wide and struck a chord with hundreds of colleagues across the business.

Finally, at a time when the SHE team have been rolling out the health and safety induction, the report praised the site for its approach to health and safety procedures.

Respect the COMMUNITY | Excellent – 15/15

Care for the ENVIRONMENT | Excellent 15/15

Value their WORKFORCE | Excellent – 15/15

Total report SCORE | Excellent 45/45