GMI Construction Group sets up Shadow Board to promote growth from within


Honor Wilson Head of Marketing & Communications

GMI Construction Group has created a new Shadow Board to help uncover the future leaders of the business.

It will comprise employees from each of GMI’s regions – Yorkshire, Midlands, North West and North East – who have been identified as showing leadership potential.

They will then gain further experience by working alongside Senior Executives as part of an initiative to promote internal career progression.

They have been set a challenge to make £1m in business savings during the 12-month term and have been given responsibility of completing a series of projects.

As part of this they will gain high level managerial experience by working alongside Senior Executives as part of GMI’s internal progression strategy.

On the board, site managers, Matthew Foster and Rebecca Shiels will represent Yorkshire and The North West respectively. With design manager Rhion Scullion being selected for The Midlands and Quantity Surveyor James Cannings rounding out the nominees, representing The North East.

The purpose of the Shadow Board is to provide GMI’s young talent with an opportunity to showcase their abilities to the board of directors, as well as to observe the strategic leadership of the business, over a 12-month period, after which a new Shadow Board will be constituted.

The board also seeks to further strengthen GMI’s commitment to fostering its young talent by promoting from within the business.

With time set aside from their normal schedules, the Shadow Board will be tasked with various projects and asked to report to the Construction Board Meeting at certain points throughout their projects and upon completion.

Lee Powell, CEO of GMI said, “The purpose of the Shadow Board is to provide our young talent with experience of the strategic level within our business. We want to provide them with an opportunity to thrive in another aspect of working life at GMI, which may not be directly linked to their areas of expertise or experience.

“As I have said at our company roadshows across our regions; GMI promotes from within and looks to harness young talent for the future. Every member of the Shadow Board has that opportunity.”

Kate Fancourt, Business Consultant and Fractional CFO of GMI, said, “Shadow Board members will play an important role in ensuring their project delivers value for the business. It is no mean feat to try and bring in £1m in business savings, but I believe they have the determination and drive to reach that target.

“I know colleagues across GMI will actively support the inception of the Shadow Board, as this project can only succeed with engagement of GMI across all sites and departments, and we think managing and promoting young talent and good work, is a majorly important step.”