GMI gets solar serious at Huntingdon


Honor Wilson Head of Marketing & Communications

Solar hybrid generators are revolutionising the construction industry and #GMIMidlands are trialling them on our sites with Huntingdon, Lightning Park the first to get solar serious.

As part of GMI’s push for netzero and our ongoing commitments to sustainability this new initiative will offer our scheme (on behalf of Trebor Developments) numerous benefits and pave the way towards a more sustainable greener, cleaner future. These innovative power solutions combine the advantages of renewable solar energy with backup sources, providing a reliable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional generators.

One key advantage of solar hybrid generators is their reduced carbon footprint. Construction sites have high energy demands, often relying on diesel generators that emit harmful greenhouse gases. By incorporating solar panels into the generator system, construction companies can significantly reduce their carbon emissions. This not only helps combat climate change but also aligns with the industry’s growing commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Moreover, solar hybrid generators offer enhanced cost savings. As we know, construction projects typically entail long hours of operation and high energy consumption. Traditional generators are notorious for their fuel costs, which can quickly escalate project expenses. Solar hybrid generators, on the other hand, utilise free and abundant solar energy during the day, minimising reliance on expensive fossil fuels. This leads to significant savings on fuel expenses, positively impacting the bottom line of construction companies.

Another significant advantage is the reduced noise pollution associated with solar hybrid generators. Construction sites can be noisy environments, with traditional generators contributing to the cacophony. Solar hybrid generators operate quietly, reducing noise pollution and improving the working conditions for construction workers and neighbouring communities. This quieter operation allows for a more conducive and productive work environment.

Gareth Jones, Joint Midlands MD, said: “I firmly believe that embracing solar hybrid generators is not just a good idea, but a crucial step towards a more sustainable future. We are trialling this at Lightning Park and we will then take a view for the wider region. By harnessing the power of the sun and combining it with backup sources, we can reduce our carbon footprint, cut costs, and enhance the resilience of our operations. It’s a win-win situation for our company and the environment, paving the way for a brighter, greener construction industry.”

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