Symmetry Park, Knowsley


Honor Wilson Head of Marketing & Communications

🔹 Exciting Drone Alert! 🔹

Here’s the best thing in #shed development in the logistics industry in #GMINorthWest

#GMI, in collaboration and working directly for Tritax Symmetry, is constructing an incredible logistics hub known as Symmetry Park in #knowsley#merseyside 🚀📦

Symmetry Park is set to revolutionise the way businesses operate, offering state-of-the-art facilities and strategic advantages for companies in need of efficient supply chain solutions. 🏭✨

With its prime location (shown brilliantly by the #GMI #drone 🛩 and excellent transport links, Symmetry Park will become a key player in the logistics landscape. This modern hub will provide businesses with unparalleled connectivity ⚡, enabling them to reach their customers and markets faster than ever before. 🌐🚚

Designed with sustainability in mind, Symmetry Park will incorporate eco-friendly features and technologies, promoting a greener and more environmentally responsible approach to logistics operations. 🌱♻️ And #BuiltByGMI 🔴