Today marks Women in Construction Week, the perfect opportunity for GMI to showcase the array of female talent that we have throughout the business.

Woman in Construction week celebrates the achievements of woman in the construction industry, highlighting their contributions and inspiring future generations. It promotes diversity, inclusion, and the empowerments of woman in a traditionally male-dominated field. Our in-depth interview with Divisional Information manager Ellie Miley kicks-off the week as she reflects on the challenges that have come with being a woman in the construction industry and with how GMI has helped with her professional/career development.

Ellie Said, “I always thought that the construction industry would be on the tools, practical and getting your hands dirty, but I soon realised that there were so many opportunities – ranging from HR to IT, to working on site,”

Woman often feel pressure working in the construction industry due to multiple factors. Firstly, historically the construction services is male- dominated, woman may face doubt of their capabilities and skills. Additionally, there can be a lack of representation and role models alongside stereotypes and biases.

“I was a little apprehensive when I first entered the industry, as I thought that I might get comments which said women weren’t competent and they didn’t know what they were talking about.

Woman have traditionally been underrepresented in the construction industry, however times are changing and progress is being made. In recent years, more and more woman have been entering the industry and making a significant impact, but there is still much work to be done which GMI are embracing.

We will be bringing you interviews with Design Manager Vanessa Joaquim, Divisional Information Manager for the North East Evie Carlin and Site Manager Rebecca Shiels as we celebrate our fantastic female workforce, which we are looking forward to growing.

Our many women here at GMI play a crucial role in the day-to-day operations and it is essential that we continue to encourage and support them to thrive in the industry.

By embracing diversity throughout our workforce, we can further build stronger, more innovative teams and create a more sustainable industry for all.

Ellie ended with “However, I’ve really grown in this role and my background across the different roles here at GMI has really helped me develop.”